The definition of Yo:
A system to convey meaning through a shared context that is established between the sender and recipient by an existing relationship.

– Ainsley uses Yo to say 'Hey, thinking of you!'
– Peter uses Yo to send his location to his girlfriend.
– Matthew Yo's to say 'Coffee?'
– Sharon uses Yo to remind everyone the meeting starts now.
– Alex gets a Yo when Chelsea scores a goal!

Some reviews of Yo:
– “I met my wife on Yo” -Bradley
– “If you haven’t Yo’ed you haven’t lived” -Anna
– “This app makes all other inventions obsolete” -Mohammad
– “Writing a review for this app is actually more difficult than using the app itself” -Jessica

Yo. It’s that simple.

Yo screenshots
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  • Yo I saw this app and it just happened to make my life better. Macy won't get it though so I tried to get her phone and install it. Get me my yo
  • Gue berharap suatu saat app ini bisa jadi solusi komunikasi umat manusia sama alien.. "Yo..!"
  • Enlightening This app might just be the solution to every possible equation of the universe.