Wear Codes for Android Wear

Wear Codes is an easy way to bring up a handy list of barcodes for scanning without taking out your phone, use it for paying in Starbucks®, Dunkin' Donuts®, Subway®, loyalty cards, boarding passes, sharing your contact details, web sites or just some useful text.

App of the Week on Wear Store (March 2015)

Manage the list of codes on the mobile app and have them appear in a list for easy access on your watch.
Scan an existing card using the built in barcode scanner or type your data in manually.
Import screenshots with barcodes from other apps.
Add existing barcodes, web site addresses and other data straight from email, web pages or other apps via their Share menu.
Import Passbook PKpass files.

Types supported
• Text
• vCard
• Card
• Ticket
• Email
• Phone
• WiFi
• UPCA Barcode (US)
• EAN13 Barcode (EU)
• Code 128 Barcode
• Code 39 Barcode
• ITF Barcode
• Codabar
• Aztec
• PDF 417

Barcodes can be displayed on phone as well as watch and a button allows you to beam it straight to the watch if you don't want to go through the list on the watch itself.

Tasker Plugin Support – set up Tasker to push a notification to your watch for where you are/what you are doing (requires Tasker by Crafty Apps EU to be installed)

Share barcode images to other applications.
Share barcode images from other application and have them automatically decoded into Wear Codes.

Options to backup/restore data from settings menu.

Limited to just one code as a trial, more can be added through a small in app purchase.

This app requires an Android Wear smart watch, it does not work with Pebble, Sony LiveView, or non Android Wear Samsung Gear watches.

Permissions Explanation
Access Network State – to allow adding of WiFi connect codes
Access WiFi State – to allow adding of WiFi connect codes
Billing – to provide option to purchase the premium version
Camera – to allow scanning
Vibrate – allow watch to vibrate on Tasker events
Read External Storage – Used for the backup/restore option
Write External Storage – Used for the backup/restore option

If you encounter an issue with this app please use the email developer option rather than leave a review, it is easier to resolve with a direct contact method.

Formerly QR Wear – re-branded to better signify the diverse barcode and QR types available.

Wear Codes for Android Wear screenshots
Download Wear Codes for Android WearWear Codes for Android Wear apkDownload Wear Codes for Android Wear apk
  • Doesn't report 1 barcode limit 1 barcode is the limit for free. Else you need to pay more. QuickBar is a better alternative
  • Codes cannot be scanned I put several codes onto my watch but not one of them works. Most scanners do not recognise the code on the screen. Uninstalling
  • This app cannot work with LCD screens and laser scanners. Due to interference with glass, backlights and polarized screens this app will not work in any store that uses laser scanners and nearly all do. Try it if you like, but don't pay for it or you will find out the hard way like I did.