TSF Calendar Widget

TSF Calendar Widget is one of the characteristic TSF Shell 3D widgets, users can check missing calls, unread sms, events and pictures of every day directly on the Calendar Widget.

1. scroll up and down the calendar to switch the month with the real 3D paging effect
2. click on a date to refresh the preview of the missing calls, the unread sms, the events and the pictures of that day
3. double-click on a date to check the events of that day and to add new event

1. This widget must run on the TSF Shell.
2 Please rate if you like our application.
We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.


Use permission

1,read your contacts
Usage: to show contact name of missing calls and unread sms

2,read your text messages
Usage: to show unread sms record

3,read call log
Usage: to show missing call record

4,read calendar events
Usage: to show events

5,read storage
Usage: to show pictures


TSF Calendar Widget screenshots
Download TSF Calendar WidgetTSF Calendar Widget apkDownload TSF Calendar Widget apk
  • Its awesome. Guys. I was also confused first time but after checking it again and again found the correct way to use it and Yups... its all aps and tool works. Install the launcher and its relevant tool and components then set it as default then touch and hold empty place of your mobile screen for few seconds. A pop up will appear where you have to click on add option to set those installed tools or apps. Hope..it would be helpful for users. Bye!
  • Its awesome... Fantastic.. For those who all complaint about its not working.. Just long press on the home screen and add those widget.. It would make it work
  • Widget...not app I was also initially confused until I noticed it's a widget. To make it function properly, simply click on the clear circle located at the lower left side of the homepage that displays the 2 rectangular boxes, then arrow right to select ADD, from there select the widget option...and you'll click on this object. It will be placed on your home screen. You can move it to any side panel by pressing and holding it until the other panels appear. Hopefully this helps.