Tower Bridge Castle Strike

Welcome to Tower Bridge Castle Strike is a game of attack and the catapult siege engine with projectiles top delirium in a fun style and explosives

Through a system of worldmap browse all bitter country with your catapult to destroy and recovered the treasures that King protects Tower Bridge in Castle Strike nice or just aim the catapult and siege engine and leave are must press to manage the force.

With a castle generating a multiple projectile launcher launch cows stuffed panio and any kind
of wacky object in a cool atmosphere and Relax besiege the fortresses at the foot of walls and destroy tournelles another part of the dungeon Castle Bridge Tower Strike.

There're already years while the trolls and goblins ghoul succubus seek hidden treasures of the world
kings were building fortresses with huge door for the defense of the famous city of the kingdom
Castle Bridge Tower Strike begins as the beasts are back for their recovered territories.

The pooandplay team is happy to share with you a preview on Google Play Tower Bridge Castle Strike Thank your support means a lot to us. Want to join us? visit our website or Facebook page. Spain has no castle was destroyed for the development of special effects.

Tower Bridge Castle Strike screenshots
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