Towel Required!

"This is scarier than Amnesia!" – PewDiePie

"This game is really silly and awesome in every way; this game is amazing, I love this!" – Markiplier

"It's like COD Zombies but naked and more weird." – TheDiamondMinecart

"This is genuinely one of my favorite indie games ever, I think!" – YOGSCAST Martyn

Towel Required! is an endless, arcade-style shooter where it's your job to towel all the naked old men so they can leave the gym shower. Collect power-ups, avoid angry old men, and rack up a high score before you're overwhelmed by an overabundance of 70-year-old man boobs.

Towel Required! screenshots
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  • Noo I don't think this game is rated E for Everyone soo plz change it to teen or 18+ because my son goes around the house naked saying TOWEL REQUIRED at the top of his lungs I think it's fun tho . And the sensitivity is too high but fun.
  • Fun This game is weird but awesome! I should get a job of throwing towels at old men. I took it little to far........
  • but the lagg is real fix it and i will rate it 5 stars haahahaha this is funnny i laught like all days hahahahahaha