Spanish Verb Conjugator

• Complete support for ALL irregular verbs, for FREE, with no limits or subscription-locked conjugations.
• Displays verb forms for every tense, including subjunctive forms and commands.
• Conjugates reflexive verbs with proper handling of accent marks, as in "levántate".
• Does not use the Internet to produce conjugations, so you never waste time waiting for a conjugation over a slow network.
• Provides conjugations in accordance with the standards set by the Real Academia Española, the central authority on the Spanish language.
• Color-coded conjugation layout, which not only highlights irregularities in verb forms, but also leverages memory tactics to help you remember conjugations for tests and quizzes.
• Simple, clean user interface that allows you to quickly conjugate multiple verbs for homework assignments.
• Autocorrects typos, for example, if you forget the accent mark in "reír".

Spanish Verb Conjugator screenshots
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  • Useful! Very useful! Adding definition would be nice, but as for conjugation I didn't expect it to be really good.
  • Enter any random text provided that it ends with ar, er or ir and the app will conjugate it loool. I entered ghfjkghahar and it conjugated it!!! I still like it though.
  • The range of verbs it has is a head and shoulders above others; however, it could be much better if it had translation, text to voice, and "favorite" option.