Sounds Of Rain Relax your Mind

Best nature sounds application. Press and hold images to set rain sound as ringtone, alarm or notification. Set timer for 10-20 minutes to fall asleep quickly while listening sounds of rain and thunderstorm.

Rain forest sounds is best application for relaxation, rest, and therapy. It will help you while doing yoga exercises, sport workout or singing lullaby for baby.

Application contains 8 rain songs:
* Rain and tree
* Walking under rain
* Rain in the forest
* Thunder storm
* Heavy rain
* Rain in the town
* Windstorm and rain drops
* Under umbrella
* Raindrop on the window

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  • Sounds of Rain This has got one of the best thunderstorms Ive heard on ANY app. Its rolling thunder and its real. Most of thrm sound like someone hitting a gong or bending a saw. I love the sounds on this app!
  • How is this getting 4-5 stars?! The loop is like 40 secs, even tho the pause is 1 sec it's so frequent that it keeps me awake! Also, I really wanted the thunder and lightening sound but expected it to be somewhat muffled. Instead it scared the hell out of me! This app totally sucks, uninstalling!
  • It's pretty realistic. But you can tell when the loop ends because it stops for half a second of silence then starts again. That keeps me from falling asleep. Otherwise it'd be good.