Solitaire Atlantis

Ancient evil threatens Atlantis. The guardians of the oceans rose up to defend it, but they cannot stem the tide of darkness on their own. A great deck of power was lost through a portal that leads to our world. Whoever can master this powerful artifact can defeat any evil. When two young adventurers stumble upon the deck, they are drawn into this ancient conflict. Join our heroes and experience Solitaire in the magical and perilous place that is Atlantis!

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  • It WAS a good game... I loved the game, besides it being too big for my screen so I couldn't see/ click on some cards, until level 7 where it just froze. Please fix!! Solitairie Tails had same issue
  • Love the game when it works. The game keeps saying reload lately every time I want to play. It is irritating. Fix this soon or Ill uninstall it from my tablet. Im giving this game 1 star because of this problem.
  • Solitaire Atlantis. Love has turned to hate! Level 507 and can go no further. Weeks I have been trying to open game, get through opening credits then just black. Unstalled and reinstalled, still nothing......