Smart Hairstyle, Hair Styler

"Smart Hairstyle, Hairstyler" is useful and fun at the same time – It allows you to try different hairstyles before going to the hair salon. There is no drawings, all hairstyles are natural hair. Short, medium, or long, straight, curly, or in different colors… all you have to do is pick a picture of you and begin the beauty session.

Start by selecting a photo from your gallery by tapping on the camera. Select from three types of hairstyles – short, medium, or long. In the hairstyle bar, choose the one you like best among many hairstyles. Adjust the position and the size of your photo to the hairstyle. If you need to, you can rotate the photo with the rotation buttons and you can also invert the hairstyle or modify its width to adjust it to you. Choose from among 24 colors using the buttons above. Adjust the intensity using the bar below.

If you like the results, save them by tapping on the folder.
Try many more hairstyles from the wide range offered by Smart Hairstyle and compare how they look on you.
Don't miss the opinions of your friends! Share on Facebook or on any other social network on your cell phone. This is easy with Smart Hairstyle!. Enjoy and find your hairstyle every time you're in the mood for a change!

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  • Hairstyles could be more diverse! Hate the ads. Colors are kinda brassey looking- not realistic. Pretty good app.
  • Fun to play with. Everyone who has an issue should close app, turn off & restart their device (like they should with any new app anyway) and issues will probably be resolved.
  • Too many adds. A fun enough app, but most hairstyles are not very diverse and some are unrealistic looking. Wouldn't let me proceed without rating it or opening an add.