Shinobi War

Play with your favorite heroes in Shinobi War. Shinobi War is new 2D anime ninja battle game.

– Use horizontal cross buttons for movement .
– Use UP button for JUMP.
– Use DOWN button for BLOCK.
– Use B button for chakra charging.
– Use A button for attack.

– Go to the "Pause Menu" then select "Move List".

Shinobi War screenshots
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  • IT'S FUN; BUT CAN BE IMPROVED The game is really fun; however, there's no use of choosing Kakashi or Itachi or Sasuke as there is no jutsu based on Sharingan. You can also add up tournament where we can fight the opponents one by one.
  • The game It just won't let me play like it used to cause now the letters are so freaking big that I can't play anymore plz fix this or I will get alot of dislikes on this game and also I can't find a way to shrink down the letters to fight at all
  • PIECE OF CRAP!!! Great idea, but very badly made. The buttons are overly large, as well as difficult to use. The AI is almost impossible to beat, usually traping you in a corner and rendering it impossible to do anything. Jutsu are too complicated to perform before being attacked. I played for ten minutes, and only won one battle, which I achieved by PUNCHING the opponent until he died, which tooo almost three minutes. This game has destroyed some of my love for fighting games. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!