Scarf Fashion Designer Free

Design your style with the best scarf tying guide!

FASHIONABLE: Excellent collection of scarf knots for classy outfits!
STYLISH: Trendy scarf looks for men and women in a scarf look book!
ELEGANT: Make your clothes elegant and look more exciting!

This app is an illustrative step-by-step guide on tying a scarf:
• each knot is presented in a series of well illustrated steps with big pictures and clear instructive schemes.
• descriptions advise which type of the scarf knot fits this or that outwear, say, which scarf knot is good for business and which for casual wear.

It is always small details that bring a French chic to an outfit. Scarves can make you look different if you know how to wear them. Make your clothes elegant with our guide. Wherever you go – on a date, to the office or to the beach – you can pick the best style out of the richest collection ever!

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  • Very helpful!! I have fiddled around for like an hour before trying to to my scarf an this is really cool. I do know that there is this one method using two infinity scarves and they look almost braided that I was hoping to see..and hopefjlo as time goes on they will add even more as creative ppl find ways to fold & tie them. But other than that the app is pretty cool!!
  • This is really helpful~ Finally, I kinda know how to wear my silk scarf by using this app. Before, I know nothing of it. However this app just provided us few pictures about how to deal with scarf. It is helpful, but a little bit boring. Besides, they may charge money for the next process... Well, I wish this app will give us more helpful stuffs... for free.
  • Great app... ...but I don't like being forced to rate anything after 15 seconds of interaction. Too intrusive! A reminder when exiting the app would allow more time to decide the apps true value. Then again this is the free version! (-1 star for bad manners)