Road Warrior Route Planner

Create reliable multi-destination routes with Road Warrior’s route planner that account for real-time traffic, client availability, and a busy schedule. Designed for the traveling and driving professional, Road Warrior makes it easy for you to map out a daily route, prioritize your deliveries based on location, and schedule stops with the more efficient routes. The Road Warrior community includes everyone from professional couriers like Fedex, UPS and DHL drivers to sales representatives, realtors, insurance agents, delivery drivers and even small businesses. Road Warrior is your secret weapon to crushing that route.

Warrior Features
– Plan delivery routes with multiple destinations on a map
– Optimize your routes for all types of travel based on driving, walking or biking
– Navigate using your favorite direction apps like Google Maps, Waze, Sygic, Navigon, here, Yandex and more.
– Upload a spreadsheet of delivery addresses using the online portal
– Manual drag and drop lets you adjust your route in seconds
– Enable Round Trip to create a closed loop
– Add availability time windows to ensure you only arrive during open or delivery hours.
– Track your activity by checking in
– Send ETAs to clients with Glympse integration
– Search for addresses from the web or your contacts
– Share route plans through text or email

Hear it from the Warriors themselves:
“Life saver! Increased my number of deliveries by 40%”
“Off the chain.. as a Fedex Ground Contractor this helps TREMENDOUSLY!”
“For Hustlers: The Best App Money Can Buy"
"The Only Route App You Need!"

Professional Upgrade
The Professional upgrade is available in two auto-renewing subscriptions that unlock premium features of the Road Warrior 2.0 route planner. Pro users will enjoy the ability to optimize routes with extended number of stops, as well as higher limits for search and total optimized stops per day.

Road Warrior Pro is now available for $5 USD per month or $50 USD per year. Your time is worth it.


Road Warrior requires Google Maps and Google Play to be installed and up to date.

For Geeks Only
Road Warrior solves one of the most complex challenges known to computer science, the Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP, TSPTW). Road Warrior elegantly solves the TSP with a custom genetic algorithm specifically tailored for the mobile professional. This type of productivity software is has been used by large transportation companies (FedEx, UPS) for decades to optimize routes for high levels of efficiency. For the first time ever, this powerful software is made available to Android users.

Road Map for Future Versions
Version 2.0: Professional Upgrade
Version 3.0: Team Road Warrior

Road Warrior Route Planner screenshots
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  • Good features and functionality. UI is good, but occasionally unintuitive. Have seen a couple freeze-ups. Would like to see a cheaper "Pro" level, $50/yr is too rich for me. Has the potential to be superb. Dev is very responsive and helpful :-)
  • Works for the most part I am a sub contractor for Ontrac and it helps me with my deliveries except that being that the Christmas is around the corner my stops went from 80-100 to 130-150 and it only let's me input 120 address's which sucks. Plus it always wants me going through allies to get my destination instead of in front of the house/business. Really wish it had unlimited stops and I'd pay more than $5/mnth.
  • Big help for job I'm a driver for DHL.I was getting back too later before this app.after I installed shaved off about 1 hr 1/2 of driving .helped me keep my job.thanks guys