Real Table Tennis 3D

The Ping Pong game is for the passionating people. Beat every country and show your skills, every next country will be unlock when you'll won the game.
* Face with varying skill AI
* Quick Play mode
* 3D Physics based realistic gameplay
* Change court at run time
* Swipe to hit the ball

Real Table Tennis 3D screenshots
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  • Fake Don't even look at the pictures all this game is two Paddles levitating and moving. Don't download it it wastes space. I bet most of the five stars are from developers. Did you notice almost every five star compliments the graphics?
  • Do not be fooled by pictures. It is just a two floating bat load of rubbish uninstalled after ,literally, 3 seconds
  • Must downloading game! Being a huge football fan, I have a lil antipathy towards Tennis. I don't know a thing about tennis terms or sorts! How I find this game so fun and addictive remains a misery.