Qditor – best video editor

Easily edit and share your special memories.
Anyone can use this simple and versatile photo/video editing app.
Supports the function that PC Video Editor has.
Edit any photo and video in your gallery to create something unique.
Edit those celebratory moments and special memories with style and share them with friends.

[App Features]
★Unique Effects in Qditor★
– Special FX,Transition,and sensitive filter effects.
★Easy to use★
– Even beginners can film, edit, and share their work in 3 minutes
★Hundreds of effects★
– Over 2,000 downloadable image effects, and regular updates
★Overlap different effects★
– Different other effects can be overlapped as much as you like and edit is available
★ Edit picture and videos together★
– Edit pictures and videos separately or together
★Add voice or BGM to the edited video★
– Create movie-like drama and emotion by adding voice or BGM to the editing video.
★Multiple Text Edit Effect installed, Supports edit like Word file★
– Choose pictures and letters such as caption, title, speech bubble, text box, and sticker which you like. Supports in/out effect.
★Special effect expression★
– Supports speech bubble/sticker picture motion/sound effect input
★Image/Picture Edit★
– Supports Image/Picture clip with Basic/Color/Partial color/Blur/Mosaic effects.
★Easy sharing★
– Upload edited video to YouTube or other main platforms easily.

[Function highlight]
▶ Supports Cut/Combine (Video/Audio)
▶ Apply numerous effects (Transition, FX, filter, animation, Frame, Speech bubble)
▶ Edit projects by projects
▶ Support to overlap of various image effects together
▶ Various edit tools and downloadable contents (Fairy tale, frame,sticker, text box)
▶ Add BGM to videos
▶ Erase video original sound or control volume
▶ Insert voice narrator with recording function
▶ Image property edit (Basic, Color, Blur, Mosaic, Partial color)
▶ Insert logo
▶ Load/Export HD(720p)
▶ YouTube upload, Facebook/Twitter/Linkedin/Google+ sharing

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  • Use to be good This app use to be good but now it makes EVERY video I create with a green hued blockish line on the bottom of the edit....and it makes my edits look 3Dish (which is kinda cool at times) but that green line is making this app rubbish!! Fix right away!!
  • -.- I bought the app but it won't let me restore it on my phone!!! After all the inconvenience I've been through I want nothing more than my money back!!! Re-Edit: I had to buy it again and it's hard to use! I feel I deserve something for all the inconvenience I have been going through. Otherwise I will take myself to Viva Video.
  • Good app with problems The app is kool not really user friendly but if ur willing to learn it its worth it. Only real bad side it that it crashes like crazy.