PLAYMOBIL Luxury Mansion

Want to live in style? With the PLAYMOBIL Luxury Mansion, your dreams of a glamorous home are coming true!

The residents and their guests have a lot of different things to do! Whether exercising, taking a shower, and changing their outfit, or making coffee and reading a book by the pool, help keep track of all their needs and lead them to their desired destination. The coins you earn can be spent on buying new furniture and item upgrades.

Free interactive fun in a cool 3D design for all PLAYMOBIL fans to enjoy!

• Digital play that is safe for kids: no in-app purchases, no internet links

• Change the characters' hairstyles and outfits

• Complete various tasks to earn coins

• Keep track of all the residents' needs

• Upgrade your home by acquiring new furniture and other household items

PLAYMOBIL Luxury Mansion screenshots
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  • Bug fix s sure It was dark couldn't see one thing rip off is all I need and want to say never download playmoble
  • Don't want to work Don't want to work on my phone hate it I can't even see one thing that is cool I can't even see my person I hate this game can't do nothing on it I'm going to try it again then if it don't work the second time I'm deleting this game
  • Grateful but Well......I love it I really like the idea but u see it is hard to explain well........I wish there was more things to do and u have to wait so long but ya great game