Picross Wall 2

This is the puzzle that colors the consecutive squares matching vertical and horizontal numbers.


– All Free

– Providing more than 1000 puzzles

– Providing various puzzle sizes: From 5X5 to 20X20

– Providing keypad and touch screen controller

– Big one picture puzzles

– Zoom ( Multi Touch Move )

– Correct Check ON/OFF


Picross Wall 2 screenshots
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  • Ok Hi I'm having a good day. I think this game is way too easy. However, it's great for my kids. Thank you for trying harder.
  • Great variety of puzzles Easy to play. Colored images makes it easy on the eyes. Tons of puzzles of different sizes to play. My favorite one.
  • Love it. I owned a game like this but was too hard!!! This has got nice easy beginner levels. Yet to try 15x15. Not ready yet lol :) need download ur pico wall 1