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Unlike all other piano apps, you are not forced to follow the fixed instructions (animated dropping bar).
Piano + HD is specially designed to enable you to play in any speed.
You can play your song slow or fast, all depend on you and your mood.

With 25 million downloads on Google Play, this app is one of the best effortless instrument apps and games for your Android tablet and mobile phone! Please try it and play your favorite songs without any practice.

Piano+ has 128 musical MIDI instruments and over 12 studio quality, sampled voices. There are more than 50,000 songs from our content partners are available.

In the up coming version, we will add multi-touch, note velocity, after touch, pitch bend, sampler, full feature recorder, MIDI sheet music editor, sensor force, multi-level volume change, recording, cloud load & save, co-op via WIFI and bluetooth, full grand piano's octaves, many skin, theme and visual effect, localised key name labels, window animation, looped playback,hardware acceleration, tablet optimised, pen and s-pen support, haptic feedback and fullscreen option.

This free virtual keyboard can load any MIDI file (.mid or .midi) and Karaoke file (.kar) and played in easy and comfortable way.

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  • Hey this is a really nice app and all, but the minute you turn on that sheet-music option, the app goes down the drain. It all of a sudden stops working and after that if you restart it, it doesn't even goes further than logo of piano+. It's the third time that I had to re-install this app, thinking maybe it was just a one time problem, or something wrong with my phone. But it's NOT. So please fix this as soon as you can.
  • It gud but.. can u add my favorite song..the name is "the king:sad song" the music use piano too pls add the song pls I will rate 5 starts if u add it
  • The app keeps quiting on me, when i choose a new song to play . Please fix it cause im really like the app Thanks!


Grand Piano was developed for you to learn to play the piano on your mobile device, with realistic sounds.
1. It has 88 keys.
2. You can change the keys at any time using the smallest piano image that sits just above the keys.
3. Sound control directly in the application, not needing to change the sound on your mobile device button.
4. The black button with arrow pointing down indicates the speed of sound, and you can choose the type of rotation, just by a click on this button and select from the list the rotation that suits you.
5. button with red circle, used to record sound. To record just press this button and start playing music on the piano.
6. Red Square button is the button to stop recording. After we finished the music must press this button to stop recording.
7. red triangle button, used to play the music you've recorded.
Have fun with this great game.

Send your questions or feedback on using this application to us.

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  • This game sucks
  • Good job!
  • Wtf wrong note when u make a piano app make sure u have your facts straight


Piano is a Virtual Piano on your Android device, featuring Piano, Xylophone and Synthesizer sounds. Practice songs, make music or just have a jam – it's up to you.

■ 73 keys (6 Octaves), including the upper C key.
■ High Quality sounds.
■ Grand Piano sounds.
■ Xylophone sounds.
■ Synthesizer sounds.
■ Clean and beautiful graphics.
■ Key Animations.
■ Multi-touch.
■ Universal language interface.

■ Learn songs.
■ Display note names.
■ More sound types.

All Permissions are all for serving relevant ads. Nothing more.
Purchase the ad-free version to enjoy the app without adverts.

This app is suitable for pianists, keyboardists and any other musician or musical artist. It can be used as a tool to learn, have fun with or just to experiment with.

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  • Good but annoying Great all but so many adds fix it then it will be 5 stars why so many adds
  • Ok You guys are right about the adds but it's ok the last piano game I had didn't have the right notes so this is way better exempt the adds
  • This app sucks So many pop up adds. After playing like 5 notes, adds for Orbirz pop up. Don't waste your time.


Play piano on your smartphone. It comes with single and double piano keyboard, 6 octaves per keyboard and different sound banks. Sounds are a studio quality and they are taken from a real piano.

You can use it for learning, showing lessons or you can record your play. Piano can now record your music in MIDI format so you can play it on PC!

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  • I HATE IT play more games!!!!!!!! Ughhhhhhhhhh enough of old school get your gaming on kids
  • Piano Because it helps me learn how to play a piano
  • Still Sucky Don't waste your time with this app.


Learn real piano songs and have fun with magic piano mode!

The app supports MIDI playback and recording.

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  • Good Really good i love it. Install it, I recommend. The people who hate it haven't tried it enough... At least try Magic mode it's good!
  • Rubbish One of my fave piano songs I couldn't find it so I was so disappointed plus I don't in hell recommend this stupid app!!
  • The piano is ok, but I don't suggest using the magic piano unless you want to play easy songs. I don't prefer the regular piano when playing songs other than solo, it has no rhythm at all. Overall, this isn't a very good app and I'm uninstalling it.