PayMyTable enables you and your friends to seamlessly pay the restaurant bill without waiting for your server!

Because a nice dining experience can easily be ruined by a frustrating payment process (waiting and fighting for the bill), use PayMyTable and finish on the best taste!

You check your bill on your mobile, choose what you want to pay (the total, a share or just what you ordered) and settle with your registered credit card.

PayMyTable is SIMPLE, EFFICIENT and FAST! In less than 15 seconds, you have the opportunity to decide what you pay, which credit card to use and leave the restaurant whenever you like.

*** SECURITY ***
Your banking and personal data are secure thanks to PayMyTable and leading banking partners.
In addition, you can add a security code in the app, this way, no one can access your data if you lose your phone.
PayMyTable secures your transactions between you and your favorite restaurants.

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