NoteTeacher – read sheet music

Increase your note identification speed and improve your ability to read sheet music. This is a perfect tool for people learning music. The application increases in difficulty over time so that you can truly learn to sight-read music notes effortlessly.
– Great for those just learning to read music as well as those challenging themselves to increase the speed at which they can read music notes and play the guitar

support Basic musical nomenclature (C D E F G A B)
and German musical nomenclature (C D E F G A H)

NoteTeacher – read sheet music screenshots
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  • Absolutely Brilliant Firstly you learn the notes in the Treble Clef, only on and between the lines. Once you pass (over 90% correct) you move on to learning the notes above and below, from E to A. Then your tested on two notes per clef. It also teaches you the notes in comparison to a guitar neck. The only downside is (and correct me if I'm wrong) buy I can't seem to find a left handed setting for the guitar. Otherwise a brilliant app.
  • Decent As a piano teacher, this works pretty well as a flash card app. However I find the note naming icons a little small making it easy to hit the wrong letter. I have small hands so wonder how it works for people with bigger hands. I'll be loading this on my son's phone though. He has smaller fingers anyways and needs note reading practice. Also when completed... A star or something rewarding would be nice too. It seems anticlimactic when you finish a level. Everyone needs a little encouragement.
  • Finally !! It's about time that someone came up with an excellent Android app that can simply teach one the relationship between the Treble Staff & Note Placements on the Guitar Frets in an interactive way. Extremely Effective.