Tapjoy is the world’s best mobile destination site to discover amazing new apps and earn rewards for the apps you love. With MyTapjoy, you can earn rewards in your favorite apps and manage the status of all your Tapjoy offers from your Android device.

MyTapjoy features include:
– Earn rewards in your favorite apps
– Track the status of your Tapjoy rewards
– View all of your rewards by app
– View the status of each reward
– Contact Support anytime

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  • Poor customer service. After numerous attempts to contact and coins being marked awarded, they still don't appear in my game. Please don't waste your time like I did.
  • Won't get past login What a scam.. I wish I'd zone up with the idea for Tapjoy. These offers only pay off about a third of the time, and I have yet to see Tapjoy actually come through and fix an issue.
  • Email verfacation and missing items I tried verifying my account and it said it sent the email and I never received it and when I complete an action or ad like a survey and it said the information was sent and there wasn't any pending time on them and I did use real information