My Personal Diary

Got precious memories and no place to record them? Use our Diary Application for not only recording your precious memories but also adding your photos associated with them.
Personal Diary is an application with rich and interactive interface which will help you record the memories associated with your life in your smart phone. Be it your home, family, study, work place or any other entertainment or outing resort; this application is perfect for recording your life memories and sharing them with others.
 Interactive and attractive design and user interface of the diary
 Filter your diary entries by category, date or title.
 Add a new memory to your diary using title, description, and adding photos to it
 Add existing gallery photos to your diary or capture new photos using the camera.
 Edit or modify an existing diary memory
 Share a diary page on social networks.
 Backup your diary data to your memory card and restore it to your diary any time using the single click restore functionality
 Make your personal diary secure by adding a password and secret question to it
 Retrieve your diary’s forgotten password by answering your secret question
 Support for Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, Italian, Russian and Turkish languages.
In order to keep the application 100% free, ads may appear on its screens. If you have any questions or complaints regarding this, please feel free to contact us directly instead of leaving a bad rating.
Thank you choosing our application. We hope you have great experience with it.

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  • It's okay If you can keep it from force closing.
  • Love it My friend loves it its perfect