My Little Baby

So you’ve always wanted to lovingly care for a cute little baby? Well here’s your chance with "My Little Baby" by TREVA – for all moms, young and old!

Suddenly you have a new arrival and there’s your little cherub happily laughing at you. Now it’s down to you to do everything for them and make sure they want for nothing, thrive and grow bigger. Diaper-changing, bathing and feeding is all part of the baby care job along with shopping, cooking meals and rocking your baby to sleep, as is dressing, loving, cuddling and playing with them. Help your little cherub to crawl and walk and use the camera to take some great snaps of you and your little treasure.

And all of this comes with an awesome range of toys, clothing and other items to make your baby the happiest child in world!

+++ With the newly added microphone you can talk to your little toddler and see how your baby reacts. +++

• Experience super cute graphics with over 100 animations.
• Choose your baby’s toys, clothing and other items from a huge range
• Make your own choice of your baby’s skin, hair and eye color
• Create cute pictures of you and your newborn baby

Languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German

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  • I love it but I love this game but when the nanny said she was old enough to go to preschool I was so happy but then I couldn't play with my baby they should make this game go till your baby is all grown up cause I'm very sad cause every day I played with my baby waiting till she can go to school but you can't even play with them then the nanny tricks you and says there's a new baby waiting for you but she means you can't play with your other baby and that sucks.
  • It's chill but.... All the babies look alike and the nurse is so annoying she bothers you and talks to much. The babies are pretty nice not the cutest but it is virtual. They should also add some more cultures for the mom and dad like Puerto Rican. But other than that it's a great game. You'll most likely get attached to your baby.
  • Why.... Why can't you have more than one baby in the house why wen they leave to preschool they don't come back like I like this game but that really made me mad and want to delete like this sucks very bad and why can't the nanny be a little less annoying talk to much . and why can't it be a more of selection of stuff.