Multiplication Tables

Multiplication Tables from 1 to 13. Go first over the table you want and once you have learned it, press over the table and make a test of 10 random questions.
Have a look at the result and keep on practicing to improve it.
(Press "=" to give your answer. If it appears green, the answer is right; it is not right, the correct answer will appear in red)

An application to learn and practice the multiplication tables without ads and without games for what really matters, that your children learn in a simple and practical way the multiplication tables.

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Multiplication Tables screenshots
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  • I guess this could be a good game I don't know it's your choice download it or hate it
  • Love it Beacuse people who can't study the time table they can cheat
  • I hope it help me I am 13 and still can't remember them on top of my head I let every body know if this app help me!!✌