Minesweeper for Android

Minesweeper for Android is the best free minesweeper clone for Android platform – minesweeper just the way you have to used to know it!

Version 2 brings you significantly better minesweeper experience, now with global highscores. Challenge strangers and your friends for fastest times.

Minesweeper for Android features
* 5 difficulty levels: beginner, easy, intermediate, expert and custom
* Advanced gameplay designed for accuracy and fast times
* Tablet support
* Global highscores, both weekly and all-time high
* Variable zoom levels

Enjoy the game!

Minesweeper for Android screenshots
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  • Recently wrote a review how game doesn't always let you open boxes after flagging a bomb and pressing a number. You replied that it depends on the number in open space and the number of flags. Sorry, but I know how the game works...being playing the game over 10 years now. Let me give You an example - I have flagged two bombs and nr.2 is in the middle. I scroll the screen little bit forward and then tap the number to open rest of the unflagged boxes around the number. It won't open, unless I tap it again. Usually you only need to tap once to open the rest of the boxes, but after scrolling you usually (seldom not) need to do it twice. It's time consuming and effecting top mark on high score. EDIT: I'm using OnePlus Two with Android 5.1.1 and Oxygen 2.1.1. Used to use CAT B15 and had same problem.
  • Too big It's 15 mb and can't be moved to the SD card. It takes up way too much space for what it offers.
  • The best! I play this game since the beginning. 10-15 years? Maybe more? Never get bored. Just nervous when I get bombed! But I still love it. A lot :)