Magic Doodle

Come to paint amazing drawing just like a magic! The BEST doodle game to entertain kids or relax adults for healing mood.

★★★★★ Great! I get angry a lot and this app calms me down 🙂
★★★★★ This is amazing my baby cousin thinks she's an artist
★★★★★ Relaxing and fun! I find it easy and fun to create the designs as I'm listening to music or just waiting for appointments.
★★★★★ Endless fun! Rainbow lines have entrapped my life! My soul has been colored by neon lights! This app is absolutely captivating. 😀
★★★★★ AWESOME! This game is fun for people of all ages, works great on this phone, and is great for me because I want to be able to make pretty pictures and I have no art skill at all.
★★★★★ Cool creativity app! Not only does my 3 year old grandson completely enjoy this app, I can spend hours messing around and making pretty pictures.
★★★★★ It's a very amusing and fun game, speaking as a teenager. My older sister (22) also loves it, and so do younger kids. Everybody does,no matter what age are they. Recommended!

* 14 beautiful brushes, such as glow, neon, watercolor, rainbow, etc.
* 9 kinds of kaleidoscope drawing modes
* Amazing "Video" mode to replay your painting like a movie.
* Intuitive color picker. Also support random color for endless bright colors.
* Share your kaleidoscope painting via facebook, instagram, twitter, email, etc.

The game is pretty fun, simple, and addicting for all ages. The possibilities for magic is endless. You can make cool designs that looks like kaleidoscopes with just a few swipe of your fingers. Each picture you make is unique.

Not matter your age, you will find the game is a great fun way to get relaxed.

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  • It's fun. It takes a bit of getting used to. I would like it to have some method of indicating what brush, kaleidoscope or colour you are currently using, eg: a simple highlight of the current item. You can make some pretty designs using this app.
  • Not disappointed (-: Great! Love it ♥ but could u please make it where you can adjust the size of paint , please? Then I would rate it five and tell my friends about it :-D. Don't change anything else though no bad reviews from me so thanks ;-) ❇❇also I'm a girl this not my name XD
  • My inner artist... So much fun. Found this app by accident and already have 59 in one day. Perfect for creating my custom needlepoint canvases.