LoL Chat (Free)

I am NOT affiliated with Riot Games or League of Legends. I just love the game and I love to write code. This app is the culmination of the two.

Please contact me by email, I cant respond to comments…

This is a fully functional League of Legends Chat client for Android. You can chat with friends, see game status (In Game, In Queue, Etc), change your status, your profile picture and more!

This can also be used to check the server status. If you are unable to connect it will give you the 5 most recent status changes to servers.

LoL Chat (Free) screenshots
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  • This is awesome I can now talk to people while I play :P.. although I would like it If you could go to the store on this so you could buy when not at home
  • How do I read the chat logs I have saved.
  • Very impressive Must say it is very well programmed and the advert integration is very cleaver. Obviously needs some more work done to it but still very impressive.