Lazors is a puzzle game of lasers and mirrors offering more than a hundred levels, ranging from easy distractions to hard challenges.

+ 280 levels
+ Intuitive gameplay
+ Hint system

Move blocks, reflect the laser, hit all targets!

Lazors screenshots
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  • An enjoyable puzzle app. This was an app that was just what I was looking for. An enjoyable app, if I wanted something that would ultimately challenge my spatial awareness and mental agility to the utmost limits I'd have climbed everest. This app in my humble opinion is one I will definitely keep. My thanks to the creator...
  • Very addictive. One of my favorite puzzle games. Good ranges of easy to hard and there are multiple 'worlds' which makes it easy to jump around if you get stuck.
  • Fun and insanely creative The great thing about this puzzle game is its simplicity and its level designs. It is easy to understand and paced well, which make the messy levels even more fun. Most importantly, each level set is themed, and there is incredible aesthetic in how some of them are designed, so it never feels stale. Levels aren't added frequently, but when they are, you can expect them to be top-notch quality. This in my opinion is what separates this game from the rest of the batch.