Landscapes Jigsaw Puzzles

Are you a fan of Jigsaw puzzles? If you're looking for an app that gives you the nostalgic feeling of putting together real pieces, don't miss Jigzle. This app contains 100 jigsaw puzzles of different sizes suitable for any age, all with accurately shaped pieces in various images.

How to play:
Choose from the pre-loaded puzzles or create your own using your favorite images.
Start by ordering the pieces on the table and bringing them closer together when you think they might match. If they do, they will snap together automatically. You can zoom and scroll the screen for a broader view. You can even choose to increase the difficulty of the game by enabling rotation of the pieces.

Have fun!

Landscapes collection.

Landscapes Jigsaw Puzzles screenshots
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  • Love it too much! Absolutely addicted to these beautiful jigsaws, can't just do one only per day! Was thrilled when I saw the new puzzles added. However, was quickly very disappointed when I began one as I play on a Hudl tablet and the 252 piece puzzles produce way too tiny pieces to cope with. SUGGESTION: would be great if we could choose how many pieces we preferred per picture and also if we could separate the edge pieces as an option.
  • Beautiful landscapes
  • Jeegsoft Waiting for new puzzle app in universe!!