Guitar Tuner Free

Free guitar tuner.
Simple, beautiful and hands free tuner.
This tuner was built by guitarist to other guitarists to tune their instrument fast, accurate and with no extra effort.
This guitar tuner is hands free, means no touching or adjusting is needed. Just open the app and start tuning.
– 2.3 MB
– No hands needed
– Accurate
– Auto detect notes
– Display closest notes from both sides
– Mic level display
– Frequency graphic display

Guitar Tuner Free screenshots
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  • The best so far. This app is just perfect for tuning guitars. It's precise and accurate, and doesn't waste any screen space (or storage!). Just want to thank you for putting out such a great, useful tool.
  • Pretty good This is much better and looks better than the other app I was using. And it barely takes up any space, which is good because I have barely any left. BUT it says hands free, which is a lie b/c every time I open it I have to click out of the ad that pops up.
  • Effective Better than others , rather the best 1