Funny Halloween Party

Halloween has come to Willow Lane once again but Sarah and Amy aren’t quite ready for it yet this year. Help them and their monster friend prepare for the night’s festivities by doing their makeup, picking out their costumes, doing their nails, and carving the perfect jack-o'-lanterns. When you’re ready, go trick-or-treating through three spine-tingling locations, filled with both playful and frightful inhabitants!

Game Features

Pumpkin Carving
It’s not Halloween without a jack-o'-lantern! Grab a pumpkin and go step-by-step, cutting off the top, removing the pulp, carving a face and then lighting it up with a candle inside. At the end, create your own unique faces by mixing and matching between six sets of eyes, noses and mouths.

Trick or Treat
The objective is the same as in real life, collect candy, but this time the adventure is out of this world. Creep through a haunted manor, avoiding the ghosts who reside there, then hop on your bike and hit the streets, dodging jack-o'-lanterns as you go. After that, trade in your wheels for a broomstick and soar through a misty graveyard but be sure to keep an eye out for the bats that will be diving down from above!

Costume Makeup
Apply eyeliner, face paint, lipstick, and more to transform your character into a spooktacular skeleton, then finish the look by adding custom earrings and necklaces!

Spooky Nail Art
Clip and file your nails before customizing them with designs straight out of the rogues’ gallery of Halloween frights! Spiders, ghosts, bats and more!

Costume Dress Up
It’s time to bring some fashion back to the world of spells and potions. Pick out the perfect witch outfit for your character, all the way from playful shoes to cute pointy hats!

Monster Dress Up
Dress up your scary green friend in a variety of outfits, from festive costumes to the ordinary, everyday, run-of-the-mill monster attire!

Sticker Book
Gain experience points to unlock stickers of your favorite characters and creatures from throughout the game, then arrange them to make the creepiest collage ever!

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  • Cool game I love it it's so for kids so you should get this app people not scary at all
  • U Loves it don't know if you are like in it but surely I am bye
  • AWESOME NESS! !!!!!!! This is the best game ever .it is not scary and it is perfect for holloween like i said best game ever!!!!!!!