French Fries Maker

FRENCH FRIES. Mmmm YES delicious, hot, sizzling fries, straight from the frier!!! Isn’t that just perfection? I bet your tummy is grumbling right now!

Now you can get fresh amazing french fries INSTANTLY with just the tap of your fingers. This app is created especially for all the french fries lovers out there…

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So what are you waiting for? Get SIZZLING!

Never used a frier before? Start NOW! Using a frier has never been easier and its completely mess-free!!! So don't MISS OUT.

– Choose your french fries
– Make it look absolutely deeeelicious
– Make your buddies extremely jealous!


French Fries Maker screenshots
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  • Its not going to be a long day Happy birthday, right? How are right now, not me to bring you something to eat with them. Oh my. Oh yeah t as s. Oh no. I think I am
  • Easier to make real fries The whole play threw which literally takes two minutes or should but the controls or unresponsive especially during the potato cutting I could have cut a patato into fries easier at home than it was to do it I'm this game. Then you get to the end of it where your ready to eat the fires and the lazy developers made it where your taking chunks out of fries instead of pulling the fries out and eating them as you would in real life. Keep kids away from this crap
  • Hello I am Simone and Games is sweet JUUUUHUUU✌