Face Fun – Photo Collage Maker

Create the coolest pictures by adding exhilarating details to your shootings.
Add funny stickers to your pictures to give them a personal touch. Thanks to this amazing tool you will be able to create extremely funny photos. Select a photo from your gallery and start personalizing by choosing between numerous stickers. You will be spoiled for choice in selecting the coolest sticker. Show your modified pics to your friends and share a big laugh with them.
It contains stickers divided in different categories like:

– Hats and Hairstyles: Has got different wigs, long, short, curly, black, blonde, a bald head, baseball caps, etc.
– Eyes and Noses: Contains many special eye types like cartoon style, cats, zombie, staring eyes (looks), clown noses etc.
– Mouth and Beard styles: Presents various mouth expressions, mustaches, beard cuts, etc.
– Fun: Contains colorful stickers like, crowns, smiles, tattoos, a hero costume etc.
– Crazy stuff: Presents wild animal muzzles, some bloody weapons, road signs,
– Speech bubbles: Really cool bubbles to communicate something or create a comic story by writing some fun stuff into bubbles.
– Color filter: Changes the color of your photos, making them appear, bluish, reddish, green, black and withe, etc.

With this fantastic tool you will be able to create fake pictures to send per mail, share with Whatsapp, Twitter, Skype, another Messenger Tool or simply upload them to Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox etc.

Take a photo of a friend and decorate it with the stickers you will find in this big face changer pack.

It's easy:
1. Choose a picture
2. Choose the stickers you most like
3. Resize the stickers with the finger(s).
4. See the funny results
5. Save and share your amusing pictures with the world 😉

This is a free app, if you like it please rate it with five stars on the app store.

Make your friends laugh! Create delightful images of your friends with just one tap!

Face Fun – Photo Collage Maker screenshots
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  • ADDS Horrible app too many adds, even when I don't click anything it opens chrome fix this or I will uninstall. :-[
  • This sucks way to many adsdon't even think about installing this app