Exion Off-Road Racing

Exion Off-Road Racing is a physics based off-road racing game with 3D graphics.

Exion Off-Road Racing screenshots
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  • Excision off road Amazing car cuz its just cars get it see what I mean it is the cars it's kind of like awesome and Indian you know the car is loud and all that you know Call last night yeah Jt cards I like solar oh you ever heard of that you ever heard of that that Lamborghini that thing that thing is real low level 12 I think wait a minute it don't ya its own left 12 so Yeah so I think you should try this game because it's so awesome yeah I think its own I think it's amazing who I think is amazing I think my brother has so
  • Glitch I could not play level 2 it would kick me out off the app
  • Needs more levels. This game was super fun... but I was so confused- and I'm usually never confused to win a game- when I found out I had beat it. I need more than 20 levels. It also needs car mods, and more cars.