Emoji Switcher (root)

For rooted devices only!

This app will let you conveniently switch out the emoji in your system. Currently available free emoji are Google (stock), Samsung, LG, and iOS. For a small charge, Twitter and Emoji One are also available.

Busybox is recommended, and the app is untested without it.

Emoji Switcher (root) screenshots
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  • Will give it 5 but it doesn't download emoji anymore. I did a factory reset & re-installed this app but its not downloading emoji. It just keeps saying downloading new emoji & takes forever.
  • Wont work . I rooted my phone, downloaded this and to set it to ios emojis . I even have busybox installed but to no prevail it still won't work!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have rebooted over 10 times with the app and its still saying my emojis are Google. If I get help from this review I will change my review. It obviously works just not for me right now.... I'm on kit kat.
  • IOS 9.2 (V2) is not working annymore Today i had an phone update (MIUI7 5.11) and after that i cant see all the emoji's from ios9.2 annymore. I did try to reinstall it again and still not working. Plz fix it, if everything works i will give 5 stars