Eldhelm – online CCG/RPG/Duel

Battlegrounds of Eldhelm is an indie, online, free-to-play collectible card game (CCG) and role playing game (RPG).

The game features:
+ Be a HERO (or a team of heroes) – as in all RPGs rise levels, distribute stat points, train skills and as in all CCGs collect cards and create decks.
+ Powerful card combination mechanics facilitating strategy – still there are over 200 cards.
+ Unique card discovery and collecting process (and other original stuff to the already crowded genre).
+ Duel for the ladder board, challenge your friends or join forces against a boss-like enemy or versus enemy guilds.
+ Crusade the campaign to be the ruler of the Eldhelm land and never be bored with the daily quests!
+ We are doing tournaments with awesome rewards at least once a month!
+ We are taking the balance and the freemium thing very seriously – play for FREE!

The available single-player modes are:
+ Campaign – unveil the story of Eldhelm
+ Daily quest
+ Custom versus A.I.

Five types of multi-player:
+ Arena – ranking pvp;
+ Challenge – custom ranking pvp via invite;
+ Slay the Beast – a cooperative mode against powerfull boss enemy;
+ Guilds – conquer the lands of Eldhelm or start a custom guild war;
+ Tournament – duels with direct elimination;

You like mmorpg, tccg and fantasy games?
Well Battlegrounds of Eldhelm is FOR YOU:
+ Three different races (Orcs, Elves and Humans) each containing different character classes (melee, ranged and casters) with completely different play styles;
+ Customization of the visual appearance of your hero;
+ A handy deck organization and creation tools – create, delete, modify decks without any limits;
+ All cards are kept in a Stash and a deck is only a group – one card can be in as many decks as you like;
+ Tired of monsters and minions – here cards are spells, actions and abilities;
+ A true cross-platform experience – available for web-browser, as desktop application and as mobile apps for all major platforms;
+ Epic music and 3D graphics;
+ Translation in multiple languages;

Some other notes:
+ We are really sad about the media storage permission. We aim to run the game with as little permissions as possible, but as we are more than 50Mb now we need to use it according to the Google guidelines. You can be sure that our only intention is to deliver our great game to your device!
+ The game is entirely online (cloud based) and requires a low latency internet connection – a wi-fi or unlimited 3G/4G internet connection is advised.
! We would love to hear from you!
+ Support and play indie games!

The community:

Eldhelm – online CCG/RPG/Duel screenshots
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  • I'm just not sure It's almost impossible to win, unless you have a ton of good cards, and know every combo of those cards. The computer seems to be able to combo just about every turn, which makes it impossible to win. The card art is very nice, the game is easy to learn, and the combos are a cool feature. I'm just not sure if i like losing every time i compete against an opponent that isn't 10 levels lower than me. However, you don't have to pay to win, just a lot of grinding for those really good cards.
  • It's a good game I like it
  • Nothing else like it. Unbelievable game, great mechanics, beautiful artwork, great support from Dev. Good luck finding Another TCG this good!!