Dinosaurs Coloring Book

Set your child's imagination on a prehistoric journey with our Dinosaur Coloring Book. This interactive coloring book allows your child to select from a wide variety of images creating a never ending coloring book. Allow children to color their favorite dinosaurs over and over with easy to change colors allows your child to create different variations of their masterpiece. Share your child's creation or save to your device to show their adventure later.

Art time for kids with more than 90 dinosaurs to finger paint and color!

★ 90+ dinosaurs
★ Multiple brushes and paint bucket
★ 1x/2x/4x Zoom for detailed coloring
★ Share your art via email, text, Twitter, Facebook or any other service available for your Android Device.
★ Free Ad-supported version.
★ Language: US English
★ Age Level: 1+
★ Title: Dinosaurs Coloring Book For Kids

Dinosaurs Coloring Book screenshots
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  • Doesn't reach the lines Pictures seem to be scanned in and then not edited, so colours leave large irregular white edges around the lines.
  • Boring Boo
  • good.