Cute cat simulator 3D

Cute cat simulator is a game in which you are a very nice cat and you have to break the maximum objects around you.

This cat simulator will let you become a cat and break objects you touch. This is the best 3D cat simulator on Google Play.

✔ Train to break fragile objects with three training rooms for cats.
✔ Discover 3 different rooms (medieval, living room, kitchen).
✔ Break the objects to get points.
✔ Unlock new cats.

Simulator 3D chat is the best simulator for cats. If you've always dreamed of becoming a cat, download this free cat life simulation for Android!

Choose your cat, choose your room and break objects to win !

Cute cat simulator 3D screenshots
Download Cute cat simulator 3DCute cat simulator 3D apkDownload Cute cat simulator 3D apk
  • Funniest game ever He might be cute but he's a destructive kitty. So watch out make sure he doesn't destroy your furniture. Keep a close eye on him.
  • ITS SOOO CUTE!"!! Probs the cutest eves
  • Hate it . If there was a no star button I would push it. It is so hard to control. But it is cute!!!!!!