Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles

Merry Christmas 2015.

Christmas Jigsaw puzzles game about Christmas!

1. 4 choices for puzzle type
2. Select the number of pieces

Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles screenshots
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  • Could be better Suggest being able to save without the puzzle lines showing - would love to be able to use as wallpaper but it's just not as pretty with all the distracting lines. Also, could you hold off on flashing an ad until I get a chance to see the picture. Don't mind the ad but never look at it as I'm eager to see the finished puzzle. And I second that the season is about Jesus. Where is he?
  • Love it I love the beautiful pictures. Lots of challenges. I wish the sceen rotated though for a landscape vuew. Onky complaint.
  • Love it I like doing jigsaw puzzles, could sit and do them all day.