Car Home Ultra

**This is a 30 day trial, if you like the app please purchase CarHome Ultra License for unlimited use**

Data Widgets:
– Speedometer (speaks when pressed)
– Compass
– Altimeter
– Battery Meter
– Clock
– Current Weather Conditions (Speaks when pressed)
– Current Location (Speaks when pressed)

Other Features:
– Integrated Media Controller (Play/Pause, Next, Previous, Artist, Title)
– Unlimited number of custom shortcuts
– SMS Auto Responder
– Location alerts
– Custom Day/Night color schemes
– Multiple skins and color schemes
– Auto switch between Day/Night based on Sunset and Sunrise
– Set to speaker phone mode when docked (optional)
– Starts CarHome when bluetooth connection is detected
– Auto Bluetooth on with Car Mode (optional)
– Auto Bluetooth off when exiting Car Mode (optional)
– Auto Wifi on/off with Car Mode (optional)
– Displays speed in KPH or MPH
– Displays temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit
– Full Screen Mode
– Support for Icon Packs
– Lock Screen Rotation (landscape, portrait, reverse landscape, and reverse portrait)
– Android 5 Material Design
– Brightness and Display Mode Controls
– Volume Controls
– Tactile Button Response
– Mute Alerts
– 3 Page Type: 6 button, 8 button, and media controller
– Sleep Mode: saves power and reduces heat
– Keep Display On until you exit the app
– Stop music/media on exit
– Android Auto partially inspired by this app (yes, that’s true)


App Permission Descriptions:
Device & App History – Required for the new Media Controller feature to detect if a media player is able to accept media requests.

Contacts/Calendar – This is required to setup a direct dial shortcut. Calendar is bundled with the contact permission.

Location – This is required to access the GPS for the speedometer, compass, altimeter, weather, etc…

SMS – This is required for the new SMS Auto-responder feature. If the feature is not enabled, the app does not interact with SMS.

Phone – This is required for the Direct Dial shortcut.

Photos/Media/Files – This is required for the Debug Log feature. Photos & Media are bundled with the permission, the app doesn’t need those.

Camera/Microphone – The app will need the microphone permission for any voice activated features in the future. It is required right now for the media player visualization feature. Attaching to the audio stream requires the mic permission. Camera is bundled with the mic permission, the app doesn’t use the camera.

Wi-Fi Connection – The app needs this permission to enable/disable Wi-Fi.

Car Home Ultra screenshots
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  • I have been used Car Home Ultra for a few months now. The interface is outstanding, but may be a bit too busy. The auto respond to text is a great feature. The only thing that I can really complain about is the speed and compass. I can be driving 65 with the cruise set on a flat road. The speed indicator will float +- 7 MPH. The compass is also floating +- 5 degrees (these are the max I have noticed.) The device GPS has been properly calibrated and it works perfectly with my navigation software. These are more of annoyances than anything.
  • Love it! Especially love the "start up when BT and power connected." 2 issues: the home button does not take me to CHU, it still goes to normal (portrait oriented) home screen; phone calls also display in portrait orientation, which is then sideways in my car dock. Those features worked with galaxy S3, but not on Note 4.
  • Not Sure Yet I don't know if it is something that I am not doing right but everytime I try to setup the Dock Settings it crashes. If anyone else has any ideas on why this happens then please let me know. Jury is still out with this app.