Breeding Guide Pokemon’s World

Need help catching Pokémons? . This Pokédex has a wealth of information on each of the 719 creatures from the entire game series. Find them by his type to see a detailed informations with Pokédex data. You can share your experience and comments with other users. Tell them how you got yours or read how they got them! We will keep this guide updated with the most recent content.

Legal Disclaimer: This is an unofficial guide for the Pokémon games series. Guide for Pokemon's World is not an official guide and it is not connected to the game developer or publisher. All texts, images and video game content are copyright to their respective owners and usage for this game guide falls within fair use guidelines. This guide is intended only for your continued enjoyment and exploration of the game. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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  • Not what it says It says its a breeding guide and I wanted to know how to get Ice punch on a shiny smochec or something not knowing jynx already learns it but it never told me $!h+ Would give 0
  • Just to comment!!! Need to put one star but my real rating is zero. Great app but better make it offline. Download all info for free. How can we, like me, a man who work at the middle of the ocean most of the time and only at land for a few days, can use this when I needed to.
  • Awesome app but It's missing the locations of Pokemon for omega ruby and alpha satfire