Bodybuilding Gym Exercises

With Bodybuilding Gym Exercises you have a personal trainer in pocket size.

Ever asked yourself how to get a fit body and build more muscle?
With over 120 exercises and workout programs you will start to get a muscular and fit body in no time!

Learn to perform every exercise the correct way.
This exercise guide have videos, photos, details and tips to help you reach your fitness goals.
A professional fitness instructor demonstrate the correct form of the exercises.
The fitness coach shows exercises that are suited for the gym and at home, for men and women.

We offer exercises and workouts for all type of goals:
* Weight training / Bodybuilding to get a muscular and strong body.
* Fitness to lose fat and get in shape.
* Powerlifting

We have the exercises grouped in;
– Abdominals – lose belly fat or get a sixpack!
– Arms – targeting the biceps, triceps and forearms.
– Back – with 10 variations of pullups and chinups.
– Butt / Glutes – get a bigger butt!
– Chest – Bench presses in all kind of positions ( flat, incline & decline ), with all kind of equipment ( dumbbell & barbell ) and +5 variations of pushups.
– Legs – many variations of lunges & squats.
– Shoulders – +25 exercises

We have pre-set plans and programs, with 2 variations in the app:
– Repetitions and sets, often used with weights and / or in the gym.
– Based on time workouts, perfect for workouts at home. Mostly short and intense workouts which you can do without material. The app has a clear timer indicating how long you have to do a certain exercise.

You can track your workout progress and as a bonus, the popular 'Tabata Timer is included in the app.

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  • So-so Too many ads. There are lots of exercises and the guy isn't doing them correctly. You could use this app to get an idea for new exercises, but definitely look somewhere else for proper form.
  • برنامج أكثر من رائع من البرامج القليلة و مفيدة
  • Nice Video tuts r awesome. Thanks