Ball Jump

Try to stay on the cubes. Can you react fast enough? Your path is being built in real time with an exciting combination of cubes.

→ Wait for the right moment
→ Then tap on the screen to jump
→ Don't fall off the cubes

Discover 5 different sections.

How far can you get? Enjoy the challenge.

Ball Jump screenshots
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  • it's a good game but hard to play it's quite easy to handle once you get the gist of it that the Beginning you might not understand. only 4 $stars Because it lacks colour and it's not very attractive it simple but I don't understand you get the other characters to play with it says to unlock but never lets me. 4 stars is being generous.
  • Its okay The game itself is good and it addicted me I'd sit and play for an hour or two but it lags like crazy and it messes up my jumps. would appreciate it if this could be fixed ASAP thanks✌
  • It's honestly an amazing game, fun, creative, hard, challenging, and addicting. BUT after the update with the new colored balls and everything, it lags and makes it so that I die. If you could change it so that it doesn't lag anymore, that'd be great and I'll rate 5 stars if you do so