Baby Toy with Lock

A simple game for toddlers with a button's lock feature. Entertains and teaches with the sounds of animals, musical instruments, colorful robots and more. For boys and girls, ages six months to two years old. This app is Ads Free!

Optionally, the game can lock the device, preventing the toddler from starting other apps or making calls.

Beautiful and fun! The baby touches or taps an icon and the respective sound is heard. Keeps the child happy and busy, educating at the same time.

Inside, you will find the following sounds & icons themes:
1. farm animals
2. musical instruments
3. colorful robots
4. household items
5. transportation vehicles
6. happy unicorns
The last three are bundled as one In App purchase.

The lock feature:
With the button lock options configured, the app prevents exiting with the Home, the Back or the Recent Apps key. Also, it locks the volume control keys, 30 seconds after the game starts, so that the baby can't make changes on its own. You can adjust the volume level while in the Intro Screen.

How to enable lock:
1. In Settings, enable the "Lock" option
2. Start the Game
3. Pick Baby Toy as your default Home App and press Always
4. With the game started, Lock and Unlock the device.
Note: If the power button only blanks the screen, you will need to switch it to "Instant Lock" from Settings->Security.

We make minimal use of permissions.
1. Control vibration: provide vibration when an icon is touched
2. Google Play billing service: provide option to buy extra game boards

Send in bug reports. They will be addressed.

Baby Toy with Lock screenshots
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  • Only 1 button not locked. This really is a great app! My almost 2 yr. old son loves it. But gets frustrated trying to switch boards because it doesn't read his touches well AND he often gets into the windows selection screen. That's the ONLY button they DIDN'T LOCK! Lock that one too and you get 5 stars - 6 if they'd let me.
  • Great app for Babies! No ads, baby lock option, and baby loves it. Simple and perfect. Tried many and this one is seriously made for babies.
  • Perfect baby toy There is no baby app like this one. Baby can't get in, info is safe and no ads